GAA 330 Gucci bees 49.99usd

Please leave message 2245; when you make order. Remember to leave in the notes of the order, not in the message of order.
It is a hidden link where you will see other products and it is correct. We delivers product same with the photo.
Select product with code that you want to buy and order.
Do not send message to seller by Aliexpress. The seller does not respond.

After entering, If the Aliexpress link does not match the price of the product, nor the term selection of our photos, DO NOT BUY !!! This means that, the link has expired. If you are interested in this product and the link does not work, contact me to get new !!!

Aliexpress recently struggling with replicas and closes stores very often. So active links will be very short, if you have something YOU WANT TO BUY, BUY FAST, lest at any time the link can become inactive.

Whatsapp: +8618059959673 (same with wechat)

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