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📪How do we order?
After clicking on the link, an auction of another item will be displayed, click on the box of the watch number you want.
✅Please follow the Hidden Link rules image.
✅If you are confused about anything then just just send me private message me
🔔Important tips🔔
The password is set by the seller, so don't forget Leave a message to the seller ➡️Alen⬅️, otherwise the seller will send another item.
⛔️ Do not ask for photos from the seller.
⛔️ Do not post any photo feedback, just a 5 star, and that's it.
⛔️ Do not open ABUSIVE litigation! The majority of sellers blacklist the bad buyers. You will be banned.
⛔⛔ Don’t add photos to your feedback⛔⛔
🔔 important 🔔
 - Check if the price is the same or if the PLN is similar.
 - The number of options selected is the same as my description (5 colors, the model can be selected in the auction for 5 squares).
 - After hovering over the image I provided, check if the same number is displayed on the selection. Sometimes the color of the square is the same as the color of the shirt in the picture.
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